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Baby First Foods - Baby Finger Foods

When your baby is about 7 months old, he will be ready to start to start feeding himself. It will take some time before you can relax by watching your baby getting food into his mouth. By letting him try you will be helping baby to learn some really essential motor skills and pincer grasp development. Start by simply giving four or five bite-size pieces of finger food onto your baby's highchair tray. The process will get really messy; do not rush to clean before the end of the meal. At about 13 month of age you will be relying on your child with this process and could fully enjoy eating together at the same time.

Here are some ideas of the first finger foods for babies:

Well-cooked whole wheat pasta cut into pieces
Small Pieces of whole wheat pita bread
Soften whole wheat cheerios in milk
Soft cooked brown rice, pressed into a small ball

Diced ripe avocado
Soft baked peaches - diced
Diced ripe banana
Baked apple cubes
Cut-up peeled stewed prunes

Cooked peeled and mashed green peas
Small pieces of cooked broccoli
Well-cooked mashed carrots
Well-cooked cubed carrots
Well-cooked cubed butternut squash

Dairy and Protein Foods
Grated mild pasteurized full fat cheese (Edam, Monterey Jack or Cheddar)
Cottage cheese
Soft-cooked, mashed dry beans
Chopped, hard-cooked egg (yolk only for under age one)
Small pieces of medium or soft cooked tofu
Mini meat or chicken balls
Flaked Cod filet fish
Scrambled egg yolks (do not include the whites before one year of age)

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