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Toddler Food Recipes - Menu For Toddler

Toddlers usually need to have 3 full meals and 2 to 3 snacks each day. You should include grains, vegetable and fruits, diary and protein foods in your todder's daily menu plan. For snacks you could try include 2 different food types like fruits and grains, diary products and veggies. Try not to offer any snack less than an hour before meal. This is a sample menu for toddler that worked for me. Toddlers need about 500 to 750 ml of whole milk every day.

Sample Toddler Menu (12+ month)

Early morning
200 ml of whole milk

1 Scrambled egg, 50 ml of plain yogurt, fruits or 125 ml of oatmeal and barley cereal with fruits or 125 ml cottage cheese, fruits.

Slice of cheese with whole wheat bread toast or yogurt or fruits with cheerios or half of banana.
120 ml of whole milk

Chicken soup with vegetables and vermicelli and fruits.

Avocado or cottage cheese with fruits, cheerios with yogurt and fruits. 120 ml of whole milk

Butter chicken with brown rice or garlic tofu with steamed veggies (toddler style - check our recipes).

Bedtime snack
Oatmeal and barley cereal and 200 ml of whole milk

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